It uses light-gauge baking vanish t-grids to fix and hang the grid according to the specification of mineral fiber ceiling board directly.

★ Choose the right installation method according to the design requirements and determine the position of suspension center.

★ Fix the suspension center to the coping with expansion screw bolts, other methods is available if the coping has pro-buried elements.

★ Determine the length of the suspension rod according to the height of the coping; generally the length is 10-15mm higher than that which is used.

★ Suspending the main tee to the ceiling and fix the perimeter to the wall according the coping height.

★ Fix the cross tee according to the board specification.

★ Install the mineral wool acoustic board on it and pay attention to installing the tiny boards around the ceiling equally.

It is suggested to use CB38 main tee to bear the weight when the suspending ceiling area is more than 100m2 . it is suggested to use CSA50 or CS60 to bear the weight in order to keep the whole structure when there are persons on it.

★ Suspend the H-shaping light-gauge beam just to form a grid according to the specification of the board; insert the boards into the grid one by one, and connect the boards with the filing-in bits.

★ Form the light-gauge beam into grid.and then fix the mineral fiber ceiling board on it with high-strength self-tapping screw.The surface is required to be unified and smoothed the joint needs to be filled with special sealant.

Suspend the baking vanish cross tee and light-gauge beam to form a grid according to the board specification. Then put the board with the side of no slot on the grid directly. The side with a slot is installed with cross tee.

Insert the long side(another side) of the board into the beam, while the short side is connected with double Liron which can help to open.

Fix the paperbacked gypsum board onto beams according to the stated installation method. The surface is required to be smoothed and the joint should be filled with sealant. There are 15 adhesive points on the back of flush sound absorption aboard,installing according to the painted installation line and fixed on board with nail.

Set a datum line in the middle of the ceiling. Daub the special adhesive onto the back of the mineral fiber ceiling board equally. Adhibit the mineral fiber ceiling board on the paperbacked gypsum board one by one from the middle of the datum line and then fix it with air nail.